Hey John,

Sorry to resurrect this thread I decided to give Dropzone another try and I'm still getting this behavior.

Interestingly, ⌘+, does bring up Dropzone and in fact, doing that makes Dropzone's menu bar icon and circles work again. I guess it's not a crash then.

That's a nice workaround, way better than using Kill Switch and Continu but is there a more permanent fix?

I do have gfxCardStatus installed and running.


- OS X 10.8.2, Dropzone 2.5.
- Only default destinations and settings (for testing) except moving circles to the left (IIRC default was on the right?).
- Tons of other apps running, menubar and otherwise, including Bartender. Dropzone is on the primary menubar though.

I've seen this same thing happen too, I get it a couple of times a week.

John, I'll get you that info next time it happens.

I"m not using any GPU related utilities but i do have Parallels running, I imagine that could be doing strange things with the GPU.


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This is something I've been using for year in PathFinder and then more recently Yoink. Yoink does the job but it doesn't work by dragging a file onto the App icon so it doesn't work with my Dropzone workflow.

What does work is Fresh. Fresh does this and a few other things that are really handy and works superbly with Dropzone. It does add an extra step or two compared to Yoink or PathFinder though.