Hi John,

Any updates on when the new release will be available?

Hi John,

Yeah, that was a bad example - I was mostly throwing in a sample path just to demonstrate the method I was calling to make sure there wasn't something else I needed to be doing. I hard coded paths to files that I knew already existed on my computer and it still made it crash.

Thanks for looking into it though. Looking forward to the fix. I really like the software and how extensive the API documentation is.

Do you send out emails when there's a new release?

I'm trying to add a bit of code to the YouTube Downloader that will add the newly created file to the dropbar. However, when I add dz.add_dropbar to the code, Dropzone crashes each time. I've made sure that the file exists at the specified pathway. I've also tested it with a few different file types. I logged the message to a file so I could see the error since it causes the whole program to crash and I therefore can't view the debugger. The error is:

EOF when reading a line

Here is a snippet of the code I've added that causes the error:

file_paths = [os.path.abspath('~') + "test_file.m4a"]

I can't figure out why it's throwing an EOF error.