I have DZ on my iMac, no problems with ram or such.  I have reloaded actions and debugged console.  But this continues.  I have a PDF on desktop, not that large a document, I want to move to Folder A so click and drag onto the window and put in that folder and there's a little ping to say it's done but it takes 20 seconds before the item moves off the desktop [I timed it]  - so I can't be sure it's really in the folder.  I checked tho and it is.  So DZ may work and the ping happens but the item doesn't move for almost half a minute.


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another thing I have noticed is that when something finishes [not sure it's all the time] there's a notification bar in upper right corner = can we select not to have one or at least limit the time it's up there???  It doesn't seem to be a Growl or Notification Center thing so I think it's within DropZone3 itself...which, by the way, I just discovered and like it already.