32 Icon text

by tnaseem

36 youtube progress bar

by kuris

37 Upload to Mega.co.nz - T.co

by flaubert71

39 action: create trello-card

by dantveita

40 XLD conversion

by mudrnudl

42 Zamzar Conversion

by nick fox

44 Tooltips for file names

by ikemitsu

46 Automator "integration"

by saniwat

47 Keyboard navigation

by ikemitsu

51 Drop Copy Functionality

by oneblessedguy

53 Add blanks/spaces to grid.

by MacGeekPaul

54 FR: Dark Mode iCon

by jforkner

55 Convert a file into PDF

by iurisbruno

57 Imageshack with logins

by whiteside

59 Evernote

by penrand

60 setting is missing few things

by rickinhissmart