Topic: file shuttle alternative

Hi Aptonic developer,

actually I'm looking for an alternative to my beloved tiny app called "file shuttle", which is unfortunately not maintained since about 7 years. After a long search I found Dropzone 4. This is the app that is closest to file shuttle in terms of functionality, but one tiny bit is missing. With file shuttle I was able to upload a file to my FTP server and file shuttle created a link to this file and copied it to the clipboard, so I was able to paste the link to that file in some message. Moreover file shuttle added a random code to the name so it was not that easy to guess, what additional files were on the server. However, file shuttle created also a tiny URL, if wanted. But this function was killed in some version.

Dropzone has every function of file shuttle, so it is the closest of all available apps. You can upload to a server, you can shorten an URL, which is copied to the clipboard, but the functions are not combined. You can do only one by one. If you had the functionality of uploading a file to some FTP server and copying the custom URL to the clipboard (shortening is optional), then Dropzone were my new love wink

Is the any chance that we can see this one day?

Best regards, Norbert