Topic: Is there a Bitly action for Dropzone 4?

I have two Cloud Actions in Dropzone 4:  Image Search 1.0 and Bitly 1.6

I found the two Dropzone Action Bundles in my ~/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Action folder, both with a 2017 modification date.  I assume they were both inherited from Dropzone 3.

Image Search seems to be working fine, and it's listed in "Install Dropzone 4 Pro Actions" list.

Although I've configured the Bitly action with my Bitly API Access token, dropping a URL on the action pops up this notification:

Bitly Failed
Invalid Username or API key

Bitly is not in the "Install Dropzone 4 Pro Actions" list.  There also appears to be no other URL shortener.

– Ward

Re: Is there a Bitly action for Dropzone 4?

The Bitly shortener action has now been replaced with the TinyURL shortener. This is now built into Dropzone 4.

You can add this by adding a 'Shorten URL' action from the add action menu in the top left of the grid as shown in the screenshot below: