Topic: Move Files MacOS Ventura not working

The action Move Files doesn't work. I've set a shortcut that opens the grid but when I select the correspondent key to move files it only opens the folder and do not move. I've selected the correct action.4

Dropzone version is 4.5.8

Do you have any idea why this happens?


Re: Move Files MacOS Ventura not working

I think there may be some confusion here because you can't just open the grid and press the hotkey to move files. To operate Dropzone like this you need to select the file in Finder and use the Ctrl+Option+Cmd+D shortcut to open the Dropzone grid in services mode and then push the corresponding hotkey.

If you just opened the grid and hit the hotkey it would perform the click action which would just be to open the folder so I suspect this is what may be happening to you here.

Re: Move Files MacOS Ventura not working

Hi, thanks.

You're right! I've created my own keyboard shortcuts and they aren't working as expected.