Topic: Dragging PDF from doesn't work


When dragging a PDF attachment from to a folder set up as "Rename and Move files", I get a failure:

[Launching task with command line: runner.rb task-15528]

Task description file task-15528:

ACTION: "/Applications/Setapp/ & Move Files.dzbundle"
EVENT: "dragged"
VARIABLE: "support_folder" "/Users/akrabat/Library/Application Support/Dropzone"
VARIABLE: "dragged_type" "files"
VARIABLE: "app_version" "4.5.8"
VARIABLE: "apple_silicon" "1"
VARIABLE: "RENAMED_FILENAME_0" "2023-05-08 test.pdf"
VARIABLE: "path" "/Users/akrabat/Test"
VARIABLE: "tmp_folder" "/var/folders/65/dy9st3ws33b4khnbgvds6h_80000gn/T/"
ITEMS: "/Users/akrabat/Library/Containers/ Downloads/94912F93-D352-492F-B5F6-D6F2613D750C/test.pdf"

Determinate: 1
/Applications/Setapp/ & Move Files.dzbundle/action.rb:31:in `rename': Operation not permitted @ rb_file_s_rename - (/Users/akrabat/Library/Containers/ Downloads/94912F93-D352-492F-B5F6-D6F2613D750C/test.pdf, /Users/akrabat/Library/Containers/ Downloads/94912F93-D352-492F-B5F6-D6F2613D750C/2023-05-08 test.pdf) (Errno::EPERM)
    from /Applications/Setapp/ & Move Files.dzbundle/action.rb:31:in `block in dragged'
    from /Applications/Setapp/ & Move Files.dzbundle/action.rb:29:in `each'
    from /Applications/Setapp/ & Move Files.dzbundle/action.rb:29:in `dragged'
    from /Applications/Setapp/ `call'
    from /Applications/Setapp/ `<main>'

[Task completed]

Is this something that I'm doing wrong or something that needs fixing in the action?

Re: Dragging PDF from doesn't work

Thanks - there was a bug in the Rename and Move Files action when dragging items from Mail. I have just released a new version (Dropzone 4.5.9) which will resolve this for you.

You can update manually from the Updates tab in the Dropzone Preferences.

Re: Dragging PDF from doesn't work

Works fine now. Thank you.