Topic: Sparkle Update

Hi, do you have plan to update sparkle framework inside dropzone ?

As i see dropzone use HTTP not HTTPS for sparkle update, and sparkle version 1.6 >

Maybe i misunderstood something ?

thx in advance

Re: Sparkle Update

Hi - yep, I've looked into this and as you point out there is a security issue here. I'm planning to release a new version with a fully upgraded version of Sparkle with the next update. Thanks for bringing this my attention smile

Re: Sparkle Update

Just to update you on this, Dropzone 3.5.5 is now out and includes the latest version of Sparkle.

HTTPS is now used to deliver all Dropzone updates. You can update from the Updates tab in Dropzone or download this update from

Re: Sparkle Update

Thanks a lot John, i had deactivated my autoupdate so i just see this post now, shame on me ... Thx again for this great app