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Topic: Helpful features

I just started with Dropzone 3 an hour ago. My biggest pet peeve in life is how difficult software is to use in getting things done. (Yes, I lead a blessed life.) Mac a bit is better than PC in terms of usability for the non-technical person, IMO. But, Apple has a long way to go in this department.

Dropzone makes a huge dent in this issue for the better. Thanks! smile

Some additional things that would help (at least me):

I create a PDF out of a webpage many times a day. I know there is Evernote which I reluctantly use (poor UX and slow). Also, Print Friendly is helpful, but takes too many clicks and only drops the PDF into the Downloads folder.

I'd love to see a Dropzone action that: strips a webpage of ads, creates a PDF (even if we need to license more software) and drops the new PDF into a folder of choice (which is already a feature of Dropzone). That would make my days - all of them. Can Dropzone do that already? Is there another tool for those tasks that someone knows about which would work with Dropzone?

Also, the untested actions (https://aptonic.com/actions/untested) make me concerned about security issues. Are there plans to at least screen for malicous code among the entries? Bugs are not as big an issue IMO. They can cause security issues, but many only would impact usefulness. In this case, if a particular unsupported action doesn't work, I'd just move on.

Untested actions I'm most interested in using are:
Clean Text
Google Maps

If the above untested actions were on a list of actions checked for malicous code, that would help, in my mind. Or, am I making too much of this?

Thank you for building helpful software!

P.S.: I'm not a coder. Unless the creation of actions is drag and drop, I'm out on that count. D&D would be a nice feature, however. I know Apple has Automator, but I can't figure out how to do the things I want done with Automator. It looks useful for other things.
Also, I learned about Dropzone here: https://www.40tech.com/2017/03/09/put-a … -dropzone/