Topic: "Add to Dropzone Drop Bar" Contextual Menu Item

I love the Drop Bar functionality: it's something I loved about Path Finder and it's the main reason I bought Dropzone. It just occurred to me while moving a file up to the drop bar that the process would be a little faster (for me, anyway) if I could right-click on the item and select an "Add to Drop Bar" item. Then I could just head up to the Dropzone Icon when I was ready to drag the app from the Drop Bar to its new home.

I suppose you could go one step farther and add a "move files from Drop Bar to this directory" contextual menu item that would show up if you right-clicked a folder, or a Finder window showing the contents thereof.

Obviously Dropzone is all about the act of physically dragging icons from one part of the screen to another, so maybe this is outside the scope of the app. Or maybe there's some obvious way of doing this that I have somehow missed — in which case, please enlighten me. :-)

Great app, in any case.