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Topic: 10% of my webloc drops don't actually happen

My most frequent use of Dropzone is to drag a URL out of Safari's toolbar and drop it on a folder of pages to revisit.

The names of the individual .webloc files come from the page titles.  Many of these filenames, especially from Facebook pages, are too generic, obscure or verbose.  So I've added a Hazel action to the target folder which automatically opens the folder, allowing me to review and possibly rename the new .webloc file.

Dropzone 3.7.0 was working perfectly on my old iMac running Yosemite.  But since upgrading to a new iMac running High Sierra, about 10% of my webloc drops don't happen.  That is, Dropzone pops up a "Move Files Completed" notification, but Hazel doesn't open the folder because no .webloc file was actually created. 

I haven't found any pattern for the URLs that succeed or fail, other than repeating a failed drag-n-drop usually results in another failure.

-- Ward

P.S.  As a test, I dragged the URL of this post <https://aptonic.com/forum/post/1031/#p1031> to Dropzone – it failed.

Then I found an alternate URL for this post <https://aptonic.com/forum/topic/405/10- … ly-happen/> – dragging this longer URL worked fine.

It would be great to know if others have the same experience.

P.P.S.  After posting my P.S., I repeated my tests with the two URLs for this post – both are now working fine.  So repeating a failed drop doesn't always fail.  Sigh.