Topic: Watch folder to Drop Bar?

I'm not sure if this is possible but since the built-in Mac screenshot hotkey allows you to save to a custom location, can we have Dropzone watch a folder for new files and automatically place them in the Drop Bar area?

I'd like to do this rather than adding a folder that opens in finder, that way I can take a screenshot (or recording) and immediately have access to that file from Dropzone for pasting into chats or to other apps in Dropzone, etc.

Re: Watch folder to Drop Bar?

That's a brilliant idea. I like it so much I'm going to add it to my list of features to implement.

I just need to have a think about the UI for how to set the watch folder and how to workaround sandboxing issues. Will keep you posted.

Re: Watch folder to Drop Bar?

Oh wow, excellent! I think if you just had ye-standard folder selector for the non-sandboxed version and a quick description of how it works under the General preferences menu, that would be fine (for me at least).

I don't know much about the restrictions of sandboxed apps but if for that one you just had Dropzone generate the watch folder and provide a path and/or a reveal in finder option instead, that would be fine. It might be less convenient if someone wanted to have their Desktop or Downloads folder or something there, but probably better than nothing if the app doesn't have access to the rest of the file system (which I'm just assuming is the case).

Looking forward to future versions of Dropzone, I use it every day as a bit of a power user and it's a fantastic utility. If you're ever looking for beta testers I'd be glad to help!

Re: Watch folder to Drop Bar?

Thanks for the extra detail - Definitely helpful. Will be sure to hit you up for help with beta testing once I get to this!