Topic: Instagram action not working

I drag and drop and this is what i see.
Help guys??

Invalid Instagram Post URL
The URL was not valid. You must use this
action with a URL like https://

Re: Instagram action not working

Yep sorry there was a bug in this action that I have now resolved.

Please reinstall the action again from the below URL and then it should work as expected: … Downloader

Re: Instagram action not working

No luck. This is what I get...

[Launching task with command line: runner.rb task-31119]

Task description file task-31119:

ACTION: "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/Instagram Downloader.dzbundle"
EVENT: "dragged"
VARIABLE: "support_folder" "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Library/Application Support/Dropzone"
VARIABLE: "dragged_type" "text"
VARIABLE: "password" "••••"
VARIABLE: "password_variable" "password"
VARIABLE: "app_version" "4.5.4"
VARIABLE: "apple_silicon" "1"
VARIABLE: "username" "••••"
VARIABLE: "path" "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Desktop"
VARIABLE: "tmp_folder" "/var/folders/n0/f9dsz3c50n549hpn_gwkfy280000gp/T/"

Begin_Message: Logging in to Instagram...
Determinate: 0
Loaded session from session.
Begin_Message: Downloading Instagram post...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Applications/Dropzone", line 13, in <module>
getattr(action, action_name)()
  File "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/Instagram Downloader.dzbundle/", line 49, in dragged
    post = Post.from_shortcode(L.context,
  File "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/Instagram Downloader.dzbundle/instaloader/", line 88, in from_shortcode
    post._node = post._full_metadata
  File "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/Instagram Downloader.dzbundle/instaloader/", line 205, in _full_metadata
  File "/Users/vinaychatlanihome/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/Instagram Downloader.dzbundle/instaloader/", line 198, in _obtain_metadata
    raise BadResponseException("Fetching Post metadata failed.")
instaloader.exceptions.BadResponseException: Fetching Post metadata failed.

[Task completed]

Re: Instagram action not working

OK yep I found another issue. Can you please update the action (you can do this by right clicking the Instagram Downloader action in the grid, clicking edit and then clicking the 'Check for Action Update' button) then trying this download again.

Make sure the Instagram Downloader action is on version 1.2 (this is also shown when editing the action).

Let me know how you get on.