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Topic: YouTube Downloader error

Hi all,
I am using DropZone 4.1.9 on macOS HighSierra 10.13.6 and I cannot upgrade further the operative system.

Until a couple of days ago the Youtube downloader script worked fine, then I probably updated the script, I'm not sure, and from that moment when I try to download a youtube video I get this error:

[Launching task with command line: runner.rb task-91115]

Task description file task-91115:

ACTION: "/Users/xxxxxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/YouTube Downloader.dzbundle"
EVENT: "dragged"
VARIABLE: "path" "/Users/xxxxxxxx/Downloads"
VARIABLE: "dragged_type" "text"
VARIABLE: "tmp_folder" "/var/folders/4k/pf1bdrvx7yxdnnclxfndfny80000gn/T/"
VARIABLE: "app_version" "4.1.9"
VARIABLE: "support_folder" "/Users/xxxxxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Dropzone"
ITEMS: "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxxxxxxxx"

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Applications/Dropzone 4.app/Contents/Actions/lib/python_runner.py", line 7, in <module>
    import action
File "/Users/xxxxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/YouTube Downloader.dzbundle/action.py", line 17, in <module>
    import updater
  File "/Users/xxxxxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Actions/YouTube Downloader.dzbundle/updater.py", line 38
    print(f'Latest version: {version_id}, Current version {current_version}')
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

[Task completed]

I tried to delete the app and retrive from a Time Machine backup, deleted the folder Dropzone 4 and Dropzone in Library/Application Support, reinstall the action from the website, but with no luck.

What can I possibly do?

Again, no chance to upgrade the macOS, everything worked until few days ago.

Thanks so much.

Re: YouTube Downloader error

Hi there,

Sorry but you're out of luck. Earlier than 10.15 is no longer supported by Dropzone.

Re: YouTube Downloader error

Thank you for the quick answer, but how is it possible that last week everyting worked and now it's broken? Just our of curiosity.


Re: YouTube Downloader error

The YouTube Downloader action is updated very frequently and whatever the latest update was must have broken it on older unsupported Python versions used by 10.13 and earlier.

Re: YouTube Downloader error

Thanks. Any chance to get the old action back? I looked in the Time Machine backup but it seems that the Library folder is not present. sad

Re: YouTube Downloader error

It likely wouldn't work even if you did find it. The regular updates are for a reason...

Re: YouTube Downloader error

Ok, I managed to find the library folder in Time Machine (sorry, but it's late in this part of the Earth!). I restored the two folders under Application Support, restarted DropZone, it asked me the serial for the license and now it seems it's working. smile
I can go to bed happy again! smile
Thanks for your support anyway!

Re: YouTube Downloader error

Cool, well if it works that's great smile