Topic: Change the Circles position

A way to define a left or right position for circles would be a very good thing, in my case i'm using the dock at the right position and circle interfer when i mouse over it.
And change my dock from right to left is not an option, i've got this configuration since a very long time.

Thats my request, thx

Re: Change the Circles position

I've got a lot of feedback from others who want this option as well so there's a good chance this will find its way into a future version.

Re: Change the Circles position


just to be clear, i'd like to keep my dock and circles on the same side (left). but i'd like to be able to vertically move the circles "pad" (not sure what you call it) vertically along the edge, freely, to the position that suits me. i've got a couple of inches both above and below my dock that are unused, and presently, i'm constantly invoking circles when i didn't mean to.

(on a related note, after the circles themselves (not just the half-circle launch pad) appear (often by mistake) and then retract, it takes too long for the half-circle launch pad to disappear. it thinks i want to interact with it, when in fact i'm trying to get to icons on my dock! so, i have to force myself to wait for it to go away completely before i can attempt accessing a dock icon again.)

circles are great; they just need some fine-tuning.  :-)