Awesome! That's great to hear.

Try closing the app again and then also doing:

defaults delete ~/Library/Preferences/com.aptonic.Dropzone4

Followed by return key in Terminal. Then try it again.

If still not working. Please remove the Setapp version by moving it to trash and see if the issue still occurs with the version direct from our website at

Try deleting the Dropzone 4 actions database and settings and trying again:

To do this:

1) Close Dropzone
2) Open a Terminal
3) Paste the following:

rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dropzone

4) Press enter
5) Relaunch Dropzone

Then try adding an action again.

Yes, this is supported. Just configure the Shortcut to receive input (example workflow below):

Then add the shortcut to the grid using the 'Run Shortcut' action. Also make sure you're running the latest version (currently 4.80.7) as the ability for Shortcuts to receive files from Dropzone was just added recently.


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You'd have to create an Imgur account and authorize with that. Apple accounts are not supported for Imgur account linking.


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I have found and fixed the issue causing the debug console not to open when using alternative keyboard layouts such as French AZERTY. The Cmd+Shift+D shortcut will now work regardless of which keyboard layout is chosen.

The fix is out now in version 4.80.5.


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This issue is now resolved. Just make sure you're running Dropzone 4.80.4 or later.

I have updated this action to use Google Lens and it should work now. Just make sure you're running version 1.3 of this action or later. You can check which version of the action you're using by right-clicking on the Image Search action in the grid and clicking 'Edit'

The action can be installed from


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That's interesting. Thanks for the info, I will look into that.


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Could you have this key combo bound to some other system wide shortcut?

Also all three keys (Cmd+Shift+D) have to be pressed together immediately after clicking the Dropzone menu item. Not sure what else to suggest. That is definitely the key shortcut and it will open the debug console if nothing else is conflicting with it.

Maybe try relaunching Dropzone also?


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Assign your downloads folder to something different in the Dropzone grid (right-click, Edit and set a new services key).


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It has been removed from the menu but you can still get it via the key shortcut.

Open the grid and press Cmd+Shift+D.

It's definitely an interesting idea. I will consider for a future version.

Cool thanks. Great to hear it’s sorted under 4.7.7.

Those red messages are expected behaviour under Sonoma.

Dropzone 4.7.7 has just been released and should resolve this. It was an issue with the Copy Files action where directories would not be created properly at the destination.

You can update to Dropzone 4.7.7 in the Dropzone Settings under the Updates tab. The Setapp version and Mac App Store version of 4.7.7 will be available as soon as they are approved (usually a day or two).

Thanks. I think you've definitely uncovered a major bug here. The way copy and move works has changed drastically for Sonoma and it looks like there is some case here my testing hasn't caught.

I can replicate this for a Copy Files action when copying a folder but it works as expected for Move Files actions. Is this what you're seeing?

Also, if you try one that doesn't work and then open the grid and press the key combo Cmd+Shift+D (to open the debug console) can you paste the output.

I'm investigating this as top priority so there will likely be an update out to solve it very soon.


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The ability to use your own sounds which persist between updates has been added in the latest version of Dropzone (v4.7.5) which is available now.

After you update, to use this for the non-Mac App Store or Setapp versions of Dropzone 4, create a Sounds folder at:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Sounds

Once created, put your customised aiff sound files in this folder. The two sounds currently are named TaskFinished.aiff and GridDrop.aiff

If Dropzone finds this 'Sounds' folder exists at the above path and contains either of those filenames then it will use those sound files rather that the ones included inside the Dropzone bundle Resources folder.

For the Mac App Store version of Dropzone, the folder and sounds would instead need to be located at the below path:

/Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.aptonic.Dropzone4/Data/Library/Application Support/Dropzone/Sounds


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That could certainly be done. Would probably just have a hidden preference for this.

No promises, but I will see what I can do about this in one of the next few releases.

You're using an outdated version of Dropzone 4 and the YouTube Downloader action. Please update both and this will work as expected.

Yep, Google has killed the API this action used. I'm still considering what to do about this.

Thanks - there was a bug in the Rename and Move Files action when dragging items from Mail. I have just released a new version (Dropzone 4.5.9) which will resolve this for you.

You can update manually from the Updates tab in the Dropzone Preferences.

I think there may be some confusion here because you can't just open the grid and press the hotkey to move files. To operate Dropzone like this you need to select the file in Finder and use the Ctrl+Option+Cmd+D shortcut to open the Dropzone grid in services mode and then push the corresponding hotkey.

If you just opened the grid and hit the hotkey it would perform the click action which would just be to open the folder so I suspect this is what may be happening to you here.

Hi there,

Is it possible it is currently in your grid? The AirDrop action only shows as an option if not already in the grid.

If it is still not showing in the menu and not already in the grid then the likely reason for this will be macOS reporting AirDrop is not available for some reason. A reboot may help here.

Also are you running Dropzone 4? Improvements were made to Dropzone 4 in this area.


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Hi Peter,

This is not currently possible but I will consider this for a future action.



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Hi there,

It's not currently possible to use the Print action to print to a PDF. It is designed for printing to actual printers.

I will look at adding a convert to PDF conversion action in a future version.